Member Rewards

At Sydney Credit Union, our Five Star Success™ assures that our profits go to where they are most deserving... to the people who make us successful. As part of our Five Star Success™, Our Members receive a Profit Sharing Rebate each year in April. This is our little way of letting you know that you are included in our bottom line.

Since 197 Sydney Credit Union has shared more $5 million with our members through our Member Rewards program.

How do we calculate YOUR share of the profits? 

Your Products and Services Profit Sharing Calculation
Deposit Interest – Bonus Interest
Bonus calculated from interest earned on your accounts for the year.
Savings & Chequing 6.50%
Term Deposits 6.50%
RRSPs & RRIFs 6.50%
TFSA 6.50%
Loan Interest – Interest Rebate
Rebate calculated from interest you paid for the year.
Lines of Credit 4.25%
Loans 4.25%
Mortgages 2.50%
Other – Electronic Services Charge Rebate (per transaction)
Rebate calculated from each electronic transaction you complete.
Direct Deposit $0.057
ATM & Interac® Direct Payment $0.057
TeleService® & MemberDirect® $0.057
Preauthorized Payment $0.057

It pays to do business with Sydney Credit Union