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Sydney Credit Union is a progressive, full-service, cooperative financial institution. When you open an account at Sydney Credit Union, you uniquely become both a member and an owner. As such, our relationship with all of our member/owners is based on our commitment to empower you to make the best decisions for your financial well being.  We do this by offering you our complete line of competitive financial products and services, customized for your individual needs, combined with wise financial guidance...every step of the way!

At Sydney Credit Union, we always consider your convenience and ways to save you money when recommending products for your daily needs and in planning for your future security. We offer personal and commercial loans and mortgages, a variety of savings and chequing accounts, a complete line of MasterCard® products, RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, online banking, competitive loan and investment rates, full financial planning, superior personal service and much more!

Since Sydney Credit Union's inception in 1935, we have always responded to the changing needs of our members and continue to innovatively meet your needs. 

Effective January 1, 2024, North Sydney has become part of Sydney Credit Union. Together, we are focused on creating a strong sustainable future backed by a shared commitment to our credit union values and serving people and communities first.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

On January 1st, can members do banking transactions at any branch location?

Yes, we are pleased to welcome and serve members at any our branch locations – Sydney (95 Townsend Street), Sydney River (1280 Kings Road), Whitney (924 Victoria Road) and North Sydney (97 King Street).

Will my account number change?

Over the next few months there will be no changes to account numbers. A key integration activity will be to integrate our banking systems. We will advise members regularly of any changes to services or account information.

Does my debit card change?

Existing debit cards will continue to work as usual. For North Sydney members, the Sydney Credit Union name will eventually be reflected in your bank statements and in your card design when they are reissued.

Will my banking services change?

It’s business as usual for cheques, debit cards, pre-authorized payments, investments, loans and mortgages. All existing account numbers and debit cards issued by the legacy credit unions will continue to operate as normal.

Are there changes to online or mobile banking?

There are no immediate changes to online and mobile banking. Members continue to login into online or mobile banking using your existing links and banking information. As we integrate our banking system to serve members better, we expect to offer new services and will be keeping members informed of any changes that affect them.

Will there be any changes to my credit card?

Collabria credit cards held by members will continue to work as usual. North Sydney members will be added to Sydney CU’s services and be issued new cards. We will keep you regularly informed of any changes that affect you.

Will members need to do anything different after January 1?

On January 1 it will be business as usual for all members. Our priority is to minimize member change and disruption. As integration progresses, we will advise members regularly of any upcoming changes.

Will rates on my deposits and loans change?

There are no immediate changes to the rates that apply to existing deposits and loans. As part of our integration, we have aligned the rates at all our branches, so you’ll benefit from our competitive savings and lending products regardless of which branch location you choose to visit.

Will there be any changes in staff at my branch?

There are no changes to branch staff because of this merger. This means you’ll continue to see the same staff you’re used to dealing with at your branch.

Will the branch close?

We have no plans to close the branch and we are pleased to serve members from our now four branch locations.

How does this merger benefit members?

You’ll continue to receive the same personalized service from the staff you know at your local branch. Many North Sydney members will immediately benefit from Sydney CU’s more competitive banking options including chequing and savings account packages which offer more transactions for lower monthly fees.

Over time, you will have access to new and enhanced products and services. We will plan the merger to make the transition as smooth as possible for our members, and you will be kept informed throughout the process.

Will the Credit Union continue to support my community?

Sydney Credit Union is committed to investing in our communities and the organizations that help our communities thrive. As a result of the merger, we can offer enhanced banking solutions to better support local businesses and expect that over time we will only increase the support we provide to communities.

Ways to connect.

For any member-related questions, please contact your branch.

North Sydney | 902-794-2535

Sydney | 902-562-5593

Sydney River | 902-539-1684

Whitney | 902-564-6478