FAT CAT® School Program

Introduce your child to the concept of money management through Sydney Credit Union's FAT CAT® School Program. The program not only helps to establish the groundwork for your child’s financial future, but also enables him or her the opportunity to develop money management skills. The Sydney Credit Union FAT CAT® School Program is a savings program designed specifically for school aged children and offers the following benefits:

  1. Develops regular savings habits by providing a convenient place for regular deposits.
  2. Teaches the value of money in a consumer society.
  3. Encourages students to manage their own finances.
  4. Encourages cooperative values and principles.

Program Features

  • Indiviudal account numbers and passbooks for all students
  • Absolutely no service charges
  • Daily interest savings account
  • No minimum balance required – no deposit is too little or too big!

Additional deposits/withdrawals may be transacted at any time at either branch of Sydney Credit Union. The Sydney Credit Union FAT CAT® School Program is currently underway at the following schools in the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board:

  1. Cusack Elementary School
  2. Sydney River Elementary School
  3. Coxheath Elementary School
  4. Brookland Elementary School
  5. Harbourside Elementary School
  6. Marion Bridge Elementary School
  7. Harbourview Montessori School
  8. Mountainview Elementary School
  9. Robin Foote Elementary School